Spring has sprung! Well, kind of. It’s all too easy to get excited by the first bit of sunshine and warmth sent our way. I must say I’m really happy to have entered a new month, season, and with that a new phase of life.

This month I’m happy to introduce you to Keren, the woman behind the drool-inducing blog Passionately Keren. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the delicious recipes and gorgeous photos that adorn her pages.

Keren’s motto is “Eat plants. Love Life. Make Good Art.” With a motto like that there’s a lot to love about her life philosophy. Get to know more about Keren and her thoughts here.

Keren - Ivy


How did we get to August already?

For the past few months, since watching War on Waste, I’ve been inspired with a surge of energy to change the way I do things for the better. I feel the growing being in my womb may have a huge part to play in this. I’ve always had a tendency toward being conscious of the effect my actions have on the environment, but like most people I become lazy from time to time and forget that I give a shit.

This re-energised consciousness is one of the reasons I started following Meg, aka @thethoughtfulvegan on Instagram . I’ve loved seeing the efforts she’s making toward a life of zero waste and get inspiration from her ideas and passion. Meg kindly lets me drop off my kitchen scraps to feed her compost bin each week, something which I learnt was possible through Meg and ShareWaste.

While I haven’t had the chance to meet Meg IRL yet, it’s been wonderful getting to know her through this interview. I hope it brings you some inspiration too, right here.



Meet Harriet, the gorgeous face behind Natural Harry. We first came to know of Natural Harry a few summers ago when Harriet and her partner Fraser were selling smoothies and raw desserts out of their hand built wooden caravan in Barwon Heads. Since then, Natural Harry has evolved and grown to include a very successful plant-based recipe book, with another on the way at the end of the year. Get to know more about Harriet and her life here.




It’s the 6th month of the year, and my 5th month of pregnancy! I’ve spent the majority of this pregnancy reading, sourcing information, and learning as much as I can about all things pregnancy/vegan/child rearing related. This quest to be as knowlegdable and equipped (as one can possibly be) led me to stumble upon the amazingly supportive Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting community.

Janet is one of the inspiring women behind this growing community. Janet lives in New York with her family where she is raising vegan kids, running an urban farm and heading up a supportive and empowering group that that is no doubt going to change the world, one vegan kid at a time.

Get to know Janet here.





Hello, May. The start of a new month brings change, beginnings, and of course a new FVOTM interview. This month we’re featuring the gorgeous Verity from the Woodland Weaver. As you’ll learn Verity is a talented florist, weaver, artist, lover of life, nature, and all things trees. Get to know her here.



Louise Waters

FVOTM is back! A lot of wonderful things have happened since November (travelling to Europe, getting engaged, getting pregnant 😆🎉✈️🌍💍💑🤰🏻😍 ) that have meant interviews were way down the priority list. Now that life is a little more settled I’m excited to be bringing you interviews with amazing people once again.

This month I’m thrilled to introduce the beautiful Louise from Melbourne; student, gardener, and kombucha lover. Get to know Lou here.



Lidia Bier

It’s that time of the month again. The time where you get to meet someone new, interesting and super awesome- who just happens to be vegan too.

Say hi to Lidia from Melbourne. Naturopath, nutritionist, teacher, student, volunteer, lover of dogs and soon to be traveller to Japan.

We’ve been following Lidia on Instagram for quite sometime now so we’re really excited to be featuring her this month.

Get to know Lidia here.


Alexandra C. MacArthur

What I love most about FVOTM is getting to know people from all over the world that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet in everyday life. Doing these interviews brings to my awareness the fact that we are all so different, and similar at the same time. I love reading how vastly unique each answer is to the same question. I’m always excited and delighted to hear of each persons interests, ideas, how they live their life, and what led them to become vegan. I hope you enjoy reading these interviews as much as I do!

Now after all that, it’s time to meet our latest FVOTM, Alex.




Time IV Change

It’s time to meet the makers behind the beautiful faces of Time IV Change Watches; Monique and Marko.

We first came across the 100% vegan and cruelty free brand through Instagram. Being firm believers in putting our money where our beliefs are led us to support the TIVC Kickstarter. The result was a stunning gold/tan watch combo with 20% of the profit going to Animals Australia.

We knew we had to get to know the creative minds making change, and this interview is the result. Get to know Monique and Marko here.

***You can be part of the change too by supporting this emerging cruelty free, vegan brand. Choose your style and colour, and 20 percent of the proceeds will go to corresponding organisations who are making a real difference in this world. Not only will you feel good you’ll look damn good too!


Geetroit Foodie

Meet our friends Geetroit Foodie, aka Adele and Shane (and their cute pup Lily). We had the pleasure of befriending this lovely couple earlier in the year through social media (hooray for the internet!). Adele and Shane are making waves in the Geelong foodie scene with their amazing raw cakes, and serving up savoury dishes around town.

Get to know this vegan power couple here.


Paris Crosbie

For me veganism is the life that flows from the simple decision that if an animal wants to live.. then let them live. I don’t need to harm another being to be happy and healthy. For me it’s all about the animals, the added health and environmental benefits are a bonus.

Say a big happy hello to Paris, June’s VOTM! We first met Paris, aka The Dessert Queen, while working at Diggers Vegie Kitchen where we bonded over food- as vegans naturally do. The more we got to know Paris the more evident it became that we HAD to share this amazing lady with the world.

Paris lives in Geelong where she runs Willowite Animal Santcuary, studies Bowen therapy and makes incredible desserts, among other things. Get to know this lovely lady here.


Panaceas pantry

This month (May– can you believe it?) is a very special month. For two reasons. One, it marks one year since FVOTM was born back in May 2015. HB FVOTM! And two, it’s our very first double interview! Kath and Jade are the super creative sisterly duo behind Panaceas Pantry. Get to know them here.


Pete Reynolds

Veganism, to me, means trying to live my life in a way that, as far as is possible and practicable, avoids the exploitation of animals, both humxn and non-humxn.

Meet Pete from Johannesburg, South Africa. When he’s not travelling the world he’s running a vegan baking business, hardcore/radical politics fanzine and travel blog. Plus being an all round awesome dude.

Get to know our insightful FVOTM here.


Lucy Neville

Hola February (can you tell we’ve been practicing our Spanish?). It’s the beginning of a new month, so that can only mean one thing- It’s time to introduce our FVOTM!

Veganism to me means health and happiness.

Meet Lucy, the super talented singer/songwriter, mango obsessed, yoga lover from Sydney, Australia. Get to know her here.




Hello 2016. We have a good feeling it’s going to be a wonderful year. Actually, it’s more than just a feeling- we’re going to MAKE it wonderful. There are lots of exciting ideas and projects floating around it our heads that we will bring to life over the next 12 months.

Let’s kick things off and start this year with our first FVOTM for 2016! Which includes a brand spanking new question!

Say a big HNY and hello to Chelsey (and her adorable rescue greyhound, Joey). Chelsey lives in Newcastle, Australia where she is a volunteer manager by day and lifestyle blogger at Like A Vegan by night.

Get to know Chelsey here.


Have a forkin’ amazing 2016!


Can you believe it’s the last month of 2015? We certainly can’t. This means it’s our last FVOTM feature for the year! Whilst we can’t say we’ve saved the best till last (’cause all our forkin’ vegans are amazing individuals) we’re very excited to introduce you to Andrea.

Andrea lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and beautiful baby girl, Everest. She’s loving her new life as a stay at home mom and somehow finds the time to create amazing vegan food and fitness videos. Get to know our December FVOTM here.



“vegans are hot!”

We really can’t argue with the logic of our November FVOTM, Rishi.  He is a baker and toastie maker (of Toastie Temple fame) from Melbourne’s north side. When we first heard there were vegan toasties in town we just had to try them! That’s where we met the Rishi and instantly saw his FVOTM potential. Get to know our new friend here.

IMG_7912 copy


“My personality can best be described by Thai food – it’s unique, sweet, sometimes salty and at times complex. That pretty accurately encompasses me and my personality as a whole.”

Margaret aka The Plant Strong Vegan is our October FVOTM. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas where she develops recipes that look so good they make us want to eat our computer screen. Meet our (and your) new friend here.

flower selfie